Android and iPhone Users Asked to be Vigilant

Android and iPhone Users Asked to be Vigilant  – For those of you who use Android and iPhone mobile phones, you must be aware of this spyware threat.

Google says a spyware made by an Italian company can steal data and snoop on private messages and contacts for phones infected with the spyware.

The spyware is called Hermit and was developed by a company called RCS Lab from Italy.

For now, the spyware has been found and is attacking Android and iPhone users in Italy and Kazakhstan.

Spyware Hermit is reportedly used by several law enforcement agencies in Europe.

Citing Reuters, Google said these vendors might hack and arm governments that would not be able to develop this capability domestically.

Meanwhile, Apple stated that it had revoked the certificate or anything related to this.

Not only Apple, Google has also reminded Android users of this spyware threat.

This is not the first threat that has occurred where spyware is spying on users and stealing user data.

This spyware was originally used to spy on the activities of activists, journalists and dissidents.

Citizen Lab security researcher Bill Marczak said that although spyware was less dangerous than previously discovered spyware, this should still be a concern.

“This shows that even though these devices are ubiquitous, there is still a long way to go to secure them from this powerful attack,” said Marczak.

Meanwhile, RCS Lab stated that they are manufacturers of compliant wiretapping technology, including for voice, data collection, and tracking systems.

In his admission, the products they produce have complied with the rules and regulations that apply in Europe.

They also stated that they had been dealing with 10,000 wiretapping targets every day in Europe.

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