Marshanda is Not Lost, This is The Family’s Rebuttal

Marshanda Not Lost, But Healing Trip – Marshanda did not disappear in Los Angeles, United States, this was revealed by the family, not as reported by various media.

According to the family, Marshanda is not lostand is in good condition. Marshanda’s is currently under the supervision of the Indonesian Embassy for his return to Indonesia.

Marshanda’s sister, Alyssa, emphasized that all parties should not believe the information circulating except from the family regarding Marshanda’s condition.

“We as a family want to clarify and inform that Marshanda’s is currently fine and has not disappeared,” wrote Alyssa in her Instagram Stories.

The family also thanked the Indonesian Embassy in the US and the Consulate General in LA for helping to deal with this issue.

Not to forget, the family would like to thank friends, relatives, and anyone who has given support and prayers to Marshanda.

The Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Rosan Roeslani previously stated and confirmed that Marshanda had been found.

“It has been found and is now under the supervision of the Indonesian Consulate General in LA to be returned to Indonesia at the request of the family,” said Rosan via text message.

Previously, Marshanda went missing while in Los Angeles, United States, as informed by her friend Sheila Salsabila.

Sheila wrote on her Instagram page that Marshanda had been missing for two days and there was no news. “Looking for day 2,” wrote Sheila and posted Marshanda’s Instagram.

Marshanda’s ex-husband, Ben Kasyafani also said that there was no news about the whereabouts of his ex-wife.

He and his daughter Sienna last met when Marshanda said goodbye to going to the United States. Now Marshanda is in the process of returning to Indonesia.

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